Here are Best 20 eye-popping iPhone 8 and iPhone X HD wallpapers for you

The iPhone X dominated the web circles yesterday, despite there being two other iPhone launches on the same day. And with jam-packed tech and brand new all-screen display, that was to be expected. But that’s not what we are here to talk about. We want a share of the eye candy. Yes, we are talking about those eye-popping wallpapers. Every new flagship device comes with a great collection.

Aura_Black-granite Aura_Gold-granite Aura_Silver-granite Earth Earth_Night Flower_AECHMEA Flower_FRITILLARIA Flower_HELLEBORUS Flower_MUSCARI Heritage_Stripe_Black Heritage_Stripe_Blue Heritage_Stripe_Green Heritage_Stripe_Orange Heritage_Stripe_Purple Heritage_Stripe_Red Heritage_Stripe_Yellow Moon Solid_Black

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