7 Cool Tesla Model X Wallpapers

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One such car is the Tesla Model X. With a seating capacity of seven, the Model X is capable of reaching 0 to 60mph in 6 seconds. Impressive, right?

The Tesla Model X is a mid-sized, all-electric, luxury, crossover SUV made by Tesla, Inc. that uses falcon wing doors for access to the second and third row seats. The prototype was unveiled at Tesla’s design studios in Hawthorne on February 9, 2012. The Model X has an official EPA rated 237–295 mi (381–475 km) range and the combined fuel economy equivalent and energy consumption for the AWD P90D was rated at 89 mpg-e (23 kWh/100 km or 39 kWh/100 mi).

The Model X was developed from the full-sized sedan platform of the Tesla Model S. The Model X has an EPA Size Class as an SUV, and shares about 60 percent of its content with the Model S and weighs about 10 percent more, both are being produced at the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California. First deliveries of the Model X began in September 2015. After one full year on the market, the Model X ranked in 2016 seventh among the world’s best-selling plug-in cars.  Global cumulative sales since inception totaled about 72,059 units through December 2017.

1. That Elegance

tesla model

2. The Novitec Tesla Model X

The Novitec Tesla Model X

3. The Story of Panoramic Windshield

The Story of Panoramic Windshield

4. An All-wheel Drive

An All-wheel Drive

5. Them Wings!

Them Wings!

6. The Golden Steering Wheel

 The Golden Steering Wheel

7. The Beast

The Beast

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